Empowering patients by keeping loved ones informed and engaged

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Connecting healthcare providers with the family & friends of patients
Track and share updates on the day of surgery

How it Works

Loop's technology enables healthcare facilities to easily and securely communicate externally with patient-selected support networks as well as manage their internal Day Of Surgery (DOS) patient tracking. "Patient supporters" are generally family and friends of the patient or may also be another care provider. The key is that the patient is empowered to invite, share updates, and subsequently manage settings for whomever in their support network they choose.

The healthcare staff send out updates via the Loop Tracking Board as a team using a shared touchscreen monitor to move patients through each phase of surgery &emdash; which connects to an immersive mobile app that registered patients and their supporters have downloaded. The app features include a co-branded interactive newsfeed and surgery progress bar, group messaging between patient and supporters, educational resources, provider profiles, and contact management. The Loop Tracking Board can also display in an adjusted compliant view in facility waiting rooms.

Supporters can also receive updates via email and/or text only without downloading the app. Loop can integrate with any healthcare scheduling system to automate invitations for all patients at the point of scheduling and also syncs with any reschedules.

Loop allows enhanced transparency during medical procedures and is not intended to replace direct contact between providers, patients and loved ones.

Ask your healthcare provider if Loop is available for you.

Download from the Apple or Android App Stores by searching for Loop Med

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About Loop

Loop (Loop Med, Inc.) is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and was founded in 2015 by a diverse group of medical professionals who believe in improving healthcare communication and coordination by supporting patients and loved ones through difficult times.

Loop enhances the patient and family experience while assisting facility workflow through better communication between providers, patients and support networks. Loop was born from personal experience when our co-founder, Crispin Clarke and his family, struggled to stay informed as his mother went through cardiac surgery.

To win this generation's loyalty as customers, healthcare organizations need to provide Loop's level of consumer-facing mobile technology, delightful user-centered design, information transparency, and ability to engage with support networks. As they say, "sharing is caring" but in healthcare that was a big challenge until now.

Shannon Griffin
Shannon Griffin
Co-founder & CEO
Nurse Administrator in Multiple Hospitals
Crispin Clarke
Crispin Clarke
Co-founder and President
Behavioral Health Agency Executive Director
Marianne Yeung
Marianne Yeung
Co-founder and CMO
Inpatient Section Chief and Hospital Administrator